A unique methodology and tools to integrate EAL pupils into mainstream classrooms upto 70% faster.

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From pupil separation to main stream success.…

The results were nothing less than astonishing. EAL Pupils in my classroom were not only learning English faster they were learning subject matter and conversing with fellow pupils.    

It’s about the child, their ability, not language….

The child is no longer behind in subject matter, I did not require the teaching assistant’s presence in most lessons and the child was generally happier and more content.

Teach the whole class the same lesson….

Unlike other programmes it’s not prescriptive learning, so I can teach the same lesson I always use, to all students regardless of language.

Make the WHOLE school EAL friendly....

The programme is for your whole school, every classroom, every teacher. 

Your Time Is Precious, we understand that....

Download and access the resource or digital tools instantly 24x7 from any PC or Laptop with Internet access.

Regardless of language, you will have a resource at your fingertips....

We have resource in 200 languages, Digital Text Tutor has 50 and Digital Talking Tools have 26, we are consistently developing the resources.

We are trusted.

  • More UK schools trust EMAS UK's programme than any other EAL support provider, many local authorities standardise on EMAS UK for all schools.
  • We have won many awards and accolades from our peers including BETT (British Education and Training Technology) and ERA (Education Resource Awards)

No EAL children, implement us today, so you’re ready tomorrow. 

Even if you don’t have any EAL children today, you still need a method of supporting and integrating EAL children and will be reviewed on this by Ofsted.

Improve your OFSTED ratings GUARANTEED. . .

We guarantee if you adopt our programme and implement its undertakings, OFSTED will rate you better for EAL support OR WE WILL GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK.

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